All stools are made to your specifications. These barstools are made in America they aren't just picked off a shelf. They are cut and assembled as each order is received. Every effort is taken to ensure your satisfaction. We use top quality coverings. Approximate two to three week delivery/production times are noted in Green and three to four week delivery times are noted in Red next to each stool description.  This includes transit time to your location. Of course special requirements or unexpected supply problems may occur. 

Look for the new Naugaleather coverings available on a select number of styles. Now you can have the look and feel of leather and the care of Naugahyde. These covering look and feel extremely leather like, but will wear like vinyl.

All bar stools shown have a 30" high seat. Many are also available in a 24" or 26" seat height.  Please check the specifications.  To achieve counter height on some stools, the removal of 4 inches off the bottom of the leg is necessary. This will keep the stool proportionate and looking great.

You'll be confident these prices are extremely low.  In fact many people can't believe how low we are.  Not sure on what size you need? Here are the basic rules. For standard bars 42" +/- 2" you need a 30" seat height For kitchen counters 36" +/- 2" you need a 24" or 26" Counter height stool. Color charts and stain charts are located at the bottom of the page. Colors appear darker on your monitor than in person. Be sure to check out all the colors. Many just added.

Minimum order is 2 stools.  

Important Shipping Rates Information: You may only select UPS ground for all bar stools. No orders will be accepted for overnight or 2nd day air.  To receive a specific quote on your order, please call us Toll Free 877-870-7829.  If your UPS total is more than $160, please give let us know and we'll be happy to set up a truck quote. The online ordering system works best for orders up to 7 or 8 stools.Deuster company reserves the right to send the stools the best way possible due to unforseen circumstances such as box size and weight. Customer will be informed of any changes in cost or method of shipping within 24 hours.  Please note: Any damages or shortages on truck shipments must be marked on the bill of lading.  Deuster Company will not accept any responsibilty unless problems are noted on shipping receipt. Please provide a valid US street address. We no longer ship bar stools or any of our products to FPO, APO or P.O. boxes or outside the continental US.


Regal Bar Stool 2106
Regal Bar Stool 2107
Regal Bar Stool 2131
Regal Bar Stool P-2
Barstool 2106
Barstool 2107
Barstool 2131
Barstool P-2
Regal Bar Stool P-2-1101
Regal Bar Stool P-2-1130
Regal Bar Stool P-2-1130T
Regal Bar Stool P-2-85
Barstool P-2-1101
Barstool P-2-1130
Barstool P-2-1130T
Barstool P-2-85 Black
Regal Bar Stool P-2-1115
Regal Bar Stool P-2-1106
Regal Bar Stool P-3
Regal Bar Stool P-4
Barstool P-2-1115
Barstool P-2-1106
Barstool P-3
Barstool P-4
Regal Bar Stool J Buckets
J Bucket
Bar Stool P2-85 Chrome
Barstool 85-1115BLK
Barstool 55
Regal Bar Stool P5-1115
Regal Bar Stool P-5
Bar Stool P5-1130
Bar Stool P5-1115
Bar Stool P5
Bar Stool P5-1105
Regal Bar Stool 1516W
Regal Bar Stool 1516U
Regal Bar Stool 3515
Regal Bar Stool 3516W
Barstool 1516W
Barstool 1516U
Barstool 3515
Barstool 3516W
Regal Bar Stool 2515W
Regal Bar Stool 2511U
Regal Bar Stool 2511W
Regal Bar Stool 2515U
Barstool 2515W
Barstool 2511U
Barstool 2511W
Barstool 2515U
Regal Bar Stool 4316
Regal Bar Stool 3516
Regal Bar Stool 1310
Regal Bar Stool 2316
Bar Stool 4316
Bar Stool 3516
Bar Stool 1310
Bar Stool 2316