Many of the bar stool coverings are hand assembled and sewn. Skilled craftspersons take a lot of time to ensure each bar stool is done to perfection
After the pieces are sewn, they need to be assembled. Pressure from a from a press holds the seat or back in place while a worker carefully attaches the coverings to the wood.
Above, you see a round head top being assembled. Notice the careful precision the worker is using to insure the bar stool will take years of hard service. Just before the coverings go to final assembly, many bar stools need their backs attached to the seat. This is done with a large staple gun
Frames are assembled by hand. The frames come in different sizes according to customers specifications. Above are a huge pile of chrome frames, but to the right are black frames with buckets already attached. One of the last steps in the production of bar stools, is the shipping. A worker carefully loads the stools into the appropriate boxes. Some bar stools are boxed fully assembled (wood and solid steel full frames) while some stools are packed KD (knocked down) for easier and less expensive shipping.